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Unique Lighting

Unique Lighting has a carefully selected range of contemporary and traditional models and styles.

We showcase the latest trends in LED technologies as well as feature many decorative fixtures.

We offer a unique and personal service to assist you to select the design for your individual requirements.

Our luxury chandeliers are hand crafted from the finest Bohemian crystal.

Our passion is light

We combine hand-made manufacturing with innovative technologies to create these timeless artworks.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of perfection, assuring the highest quality of all our chandelier products.

Our premium products are integrated with the world renowned Swarovski crystal.

Unique Smart Home Technologies

A smart home control system should be simple to use and integrate seamlessly into your environment.

We create bespoke automation systems that are perfect for your individual needs.

A perfectly integrated control system will unite your whole home from lighting, climate control, music systems, home theatre, security systems, shading solutions in a completely tailored format.

We are partners with the world’s best manufacturers such as Control 4, Crestron, Savant and KNX. These products allow us to customise the perfect solution for each project.

We work closely with private clients, interior designers, property developers and architects to design and deliver incredible smart home solutions.

We are specialists in home theatres, audio visual distribution, intelligent lighting, climate control, home security and data networks.

We believe that controlling your smart home should be second nature, which is why we deliver a fully integrated and easy-to-use solution that you can control from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Audio Everywhere

The systems we recommend to our clients allow them to listen to their favourite music in any room or area of the home.

From bedrooms and bathrooms to the pool area and gardens, we have a huge range of quality systems, amplifiers and speakers that you can control from your touch panel, tablet or smartphone.

Climate Control

Having smart control of your air conditioning system gives you convenience and saves energy.

Setting the desired temperature can be from the room touch panel, tablet or smartphone device.

The system will enable you to control rooms from anywhere you have internet access.

Set the kitchen and living room to 23 degrees celcius from your office so that upon returning home, you’ll have the desired comfort level.

Multiroom TV

Multiroom TV distribution allows video sources to be located centrally along with your smart home system.

DU or Etisalat receivers along with Apple TV and media players can be connected to a device called an HDMI matrix.

These HDMI matrix units come in different sizes and typical units would be 4X4 or 8X8.

This means they can take four or eight inputs and route these to four or eight televisions.

These systems allow you to free up room space and all that is required is the TV on the wall.

No furniture is required to hold equipment, and of course video sources can be shared around other rooms or areas of the property.

Smart Security

Smart home security covers two areas of Smart Home Technology

1 – Video Entry Systems

2 – CCTV Cameras

Video Entry is a panel at your main entrance door and or gate.

Visitors can press a button and communicate with whoever is home as they will answer the call from touch screens, tablets or smartphones.

The call from the visitor can be routed to your smartphone if you are away from home so that you can answer as if you were there.

CCTV Cameras are installed on almost every project we work on.

Everyone likes to see what is going on in and around the home if they are there or not.

If you have an existing camera system, we can integrate it into your new Smart Home system or of course, we can provide you with a new system if you so wish.

An App on your smartphone will allow you to view the cameras and playback footage if required.

Ipad or Touch panel text

Intuitive control is very important for any smart home system.

We have many graphics solutions that will enable you to easily navigate around the control for rooms and areas.

Set the lighting in the dining room for dinner, or set the music volume in the kitchen, or adjust the temperature in the living room; the possibilities are endless.

However you want to control your home, we can take care of it.

Unique Home Theatres

Unique Home Theatres give the experience of a cinema coupled with the comforts of home.

We create dedicated rooms to give the ultimate immersive entertainment experience to take you to the heart of the action.

Our experienced design team will advise you on lighting, seating, screen size, acoustic treatments, finishes and of course a user interface to control everything.

From the initial consultation, we can assist in both room layout and equipment specification including LED lighting and effects.

We will guide you through all available technologies such as Dolby Atmos to help you with the early stages of decision making.

Please book a consultation at our showroom and experience centre.

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