Smart Lighting Control

At Unique we are devoted to designing and installing lighting systems that perfectly complement the interior and exterior of any home, office or hospitality project.

The best lighting designs blend seamlessly into any space creating ambience and enhancing your living experience whether you are relaxing, watching a movie or at work in the study.

Shading systems are also a big part of what we do allowing natural light to complement your lifestyle creating a perfect balance in the room and of course saving energy in the process. We offer a full range of blinds and designer fabrics.

A lighting control system should be simple to use

Wall mounted keypads with engraved buttons will allow you to recall preset scenes in each room. 

Intuitive interfaces can be programmed on your Tablet and smart phone devices. Vacation mode for security is a handy feature that will play scenes throughout the home whilst you are away.

As you approach your home, the system can sense you are close and will recall a scene to welcome you.